Amid firestorm of criticism N.O. City Council rescinds controversial resolution

Senator Cassidy: written by "anti-semetic far left activists"

A controversial resolution adopted by the New Orleans City Council, and one that was described as Anti-semetic, has been reversed.

You might recall, two weeks ago the council adopted what's known as the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Resolution. Within hours it faced a firestorm of criticism. 

And while the resolution (R-18-5) used vague terms like "welcoming city, more inclusive and human rights," critics of BDS say it's part of a pro-Palestinian movement seeking to isolate Israel. 

The resolution decrees, in part, the city should avoid contracting with corporations whose practices violate human rights.

According to Palestinian Rights website the resolution is the result of a campaign led by the New Orleans Palestine Solidarity Committee (NOPSC). 

The council's move to adopt that resolution drew the ire of several advocacy groups, along with U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, an outspoken critic of the BDS movement. 

"I can not believe the city council is doing this," Cassidy told Local 33 Political Reporter Fred Childers a day after the resolution passed. 

In a news release he slammed the council and publicly requested that members reverse the resolution which he calls misguided and says it was written by anti-semetic far left activists. 

"There are some folks that want to isolate Israel, economically and diplomatically," said Cassidy.

Thursday following the news that the resolution had been rescinded Palestinianrights@US_Campaign published the following tweet: nolacitycouncil rescinded a universal human rights resolution, that was backed by more than 20 community organizations and endorsed by everyone from @amnestyusa to @dreamdefenders, because @nopsc dared to assert that palestinian rights are human rights, too." 

Cassidy wrote in a news release on Thursday "I'm glad the city council listened to the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans and the Anti-defamation League and reversed its embarrassing endorsement of the anti-Israel BDS movement." He goes on to write "Going forward, I hope they'll refuse any invitation to align the great city of New Orleans with a Palestinian government that routinely sponsors terrorism and encourages the murder of Jews."

Senator Cassidy, a Republican is one of 51 cosponsors of the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (S. 720), which is described as a bipartisan bill that counters the BDS movement. 

At the time of the backlash, some council members, including Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell released official statements defending their actions, saying the resolution was not aimed at Israel or any particular company, but was just keeping in line with their commitment to upholding universal human rights. 

We've reached out to one of the resolution's cosponsors, New Orleans City Council Member-at-Large Stacy Head but our phone call had not been returned at the time this article was published. 

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