Baton Rouge Fire Department offers cold weather safety tips

BATON ROUGE, La (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) - The Baton Rouge Fire Department is offering the following cold weather safety tips to help prevent heating equipment fires: 

  • When selecting heating equipment, choose one that bears the mark of an independent testing facility and meets local fire and building codes
  • Portable/other space heaters – electric powered or fueled by gas, liquid fuel (kerosene) or solid fuel (wood). Place all heaters at least 3 ft. away from anything that can burn, including furniture, bedding, clothing, pets and people.
  • Never leave space heaters operating in a room unattended or when asleep. Small children or pets should not be left unsupervised in a room with a space heater.
  • Before using electric heaters, always check for fraying or splitting wires. Never use extension cords. 
  • Have chimneys professionally inspected and cleaned if recommended. Use a sturdy protective screen. Burn only wood. Do not burn paper, pine boughs or flammable liquids.
  • For wood stoves, follow manufacturers suggested installation recommendations and have chimney connections and flues inspected before use each season. Also, protect the floor from heat and hot coals. 
  • Never use your oven or stove burners to heat your home.

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