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Baton Rouge Union of Police Honors Local Hero

The Baton Rouge Union of Police recognized a local hero for her actions while trying to assist a Baton Rouge Police officer.
Everything took place at Town Square downtown, where Baton Rouge Police officers and government officials came to show Vickie Williams-Tillman their appreciation.
During the presentation, Vickie was given an award of appreciation by the President of the Baton Rouge Union of Police.
She also got quite a few hugs from officers in attendance.
The officer she assisted, Corporal Billy Aime, said that he doesn't know what would have happened if Vickie wouldn't have helped him hold down the suspect.
He said, "You know she isn't the biggest person, but she still came to help me out.  She has a heart of gold.  I will tell you one thing, I don't know what would have happened if she didn't stop.  I think God was watching over us both".
Vickie declined an interview with us after the ceremony.
She said she is a little camera shy, but when it comes to her heroics, her actions spoke louder than her words.

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