BR Foundation grants $100,000 to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief

BATON ROUGE, La (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) - The Baton Rouge Area Foundation has granted $100,000 to the Center for a New Economy, a nonprofit in Puerto Rico that is providing immediate relief after the island was struck by the strongest hurricane in eight decades.

The Foundation has also helped the Center establish an online site for taking donations from around the world, and asks people of Louisiana to donate at

The Foundation has worked in Puerto Rico for more than two decades. Our interest in the welfare of the island started when the late Wilbur Marvin donated his real estate assets in Puerto Rico and across the Southeast United States to a supporting organization of the Foundation. A share of the profits from the real estate have been granted to nonprofits in Puerto Rico for, among other things, reforming education and government.

The Center for a New Economy is among the nonprofits that the Foundation has supported for more than a decade.

“We trust that Mike Soto, who runs the Center for a New Economy, will do the right thing for Puerto
Rico and its people,” said John G. Davies, CEO and president of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. “We have been working with Mike and his nonprofit for 15 years. They are totally trustworthy and will get the money out to the people who need it the most.”

“At the the Center for New Economy, we have long championed the cause of creating a more productive and stable Puerto Rico,” said Soto. “Now we need your help. We’re here, amidst the destruction, and so we know where the need is greatest and where your donations will achieve the most good for Puerto Rico now, and for the stronger Puerto Rico that we know will rise from these temporary ruins.”

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