BRPD families donate to police officers affected by Harvey

BATON ROUGE, La (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) - Hours after Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas, local residents around the capital city have been donating to victims.

"We want to help the families," said Rendy Richard, from Behind the Line. "We want to go there and support them."

Spouses, sisters, wives, and other family members of police officers in Baton Rouge also wanted to lend a helping hand to the people around the Texas boarder and southwest Louisiana.

"When things happen to law enforcement, there is a family that is always behind that badge," said Richard. "They are always affected."

Organizers of the event said hundreds of police officers and their family members had flooded inside their homes. Brandon Blust, from the Baton Rouge Police Department, said now is the time to pay it forward.

"We approximately had 120 officers within our department that was affected by the flood," said Blust. "We used ever bit of the resources that was brought to us to help those officers and they desperately needed it. I know they need it, too."

The efforts to help our neighbors got the attention from three young men from Atlanta, Georgia.

"We shared a few possts on Facebook," said Jacob Barrett, one of the donors from Atlanta, Georgia. "We went to Walmart with some signs, too. It took about twelve hours. We loaded a truck and trailer full."

The trio all agreed that this was something they had to do.

" [We] couldn't see people stranded and needing help and not having help," said Barrett. "We had a way to go and things to give. I know if I was in that position I would want someone to help me."


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