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BRPD officer biking 1,600 miles from Louisiana to Washington, D.C. for fallen & wounded officers

Baton Rouge, La(Local33)(Fox44) - By day, her job as a Baton Rouge Police Officer keeps Deena Weissberg on her toes. and in the direct path of many challenges. 

But nothing could prepare her for the challenge of her lifetime. For just over one week, Weissberg has been biking along a 1,600 mile route from Baton Rouge, La to Washington, DC on an honor ride for fallen and wounded law enforcement officers. 

"This has taken over my life" Weissberg said.  "I'm not a cyclist, I'm a runner.  But I thought I could accomplish this" she said.

Weissberg's honor ride is in honor of our summer of hell in 2016 which saw the loss of three brave souls in an ambush attack on law enforcement. 

Her ride is being documented daily thanks to livestreams on Facebook. 

"It's been really really amazing" she said of the support. "It's become like this big weird family and it makes the time go by, I livestream from the bike and sometimes I see even the guys are livestreaming and I'll watch them and it hasdefinitely helped the time go by and is very entertaining" she said.  

As the national conversation surrounding police and communities continues to intensify, so does that passion in Weissberg's heart to show the value in good policing. 

"I want younger generations to look at this career as a noble career that it is something that is worthwhile because we need hose younger generations to come do this" she said. 

It's the reason she's put herself through the daunting ride many could never fathom.  She says it won't be her last. 

"It's the first one we have ideas for next year to make it even better." she said. 

Weissberg was originally scheduled to arrive in DC on Sunday, but she is ahead of schedule by almost two days. She should ride into the nation's Capitol on Friday.

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