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Cassidy sounds off against New Orleans City Council Boycott Resolution

NEW ORLEANS, La. (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) - Controversy stirring between a Louisiana Congressman and the City Council of New Orleans Friday night. 

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy is accusing the New Orleans City Council of Anti-Semitism because the City Council adopted a resolution he claims was drafted by the Palestinian Solidarity Committee.

The Resolution is called the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Resolution. 

The resolution that was passed Friday night, reportedly by five members, and Senator Cassidy has asked the City Council to recognize that passage as an error, and reverse what he calls a misguided decision by the council members.

City Council resolution R-18-5 or the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Resolution uses vague terms like welcoming city, more inclusive and Human rights and doesn't even mention the word Israel or Palestinian. 

"There is kind of a camels nose aspect to this," said Cassidy in a video response.

But Senator Cassidy and others say, BDS is part of a nationwide campaign to sanction Israel for it's occupation of Palestinian territories. 

This resolution reportedly pushed by BDS passed in New Orleans Thursday night.

"I can not believe the city council is doing this," said the Senator.

The resolution also says the city should avoid contracting with corporations whose practices violate human rights. 

"There are some folks that want to isolate Israel, economically and diplomatically," he contiuned

A tweet from the group called Palestinian Rights reads the New Orleans City Council just voted unanimously for a resolution screening out from investments and city contracts, companies that profit from abuses of human rights, but let me ask if someone is a jew or Christian and they disagree with their government, are they more safe in Israel or in the Gaza Strip or Lebanon?

The resolution is said to be unprecedented for a city council in a major city, Senator Cassidy calls it anti-semitic and says its rooted in a hatred of Israel. 

So far the New Orleans City Council has not responded to attempts in finding out this resolutions' purpose but we're told a statement is forthcoming.

We've reached out to the New Orleans City Council to find out this resolutions' purpose.

We were sent official statements from the members who voted for it, Council member-at-large Jason Williams writes in part, "my support of this measure was not, and is not, intended to in any way be reflective of either an anti-Israel or Pro-BDS-sentiment. 

Council member Latoya Contrell writes in part, "the Council did not single out any particular companies, countries, nations, issues, conflicts or existing contractors. 

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