Community activist speaks out amid violent weekend

BATON ROUGE, La (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) - After losing his brother a couple years ago to the same gun violence that happened this past weekend, Keon Preston is fighting for a change.

"If we can start spreading love [and] showing more passion to one another; I believe that we can change this cycle when it comes to violence not only in the city of Baton Rouge but around this nation," he said.

On the streets of Thomas Delpit Dr., Seneca St., and Dallas Dr., four people are confirmed dead.

"My thoughts on this weekend, it was very horrible, pathetic, and ridiculous," he said. "It was very shocking because the violence in Baton Rouge is off and on."

This Monday, there are no known suspects or motives. However, the activist said there are multiple reasons why the homicide rate continues to grow at a historic rate.

"[It is] a lack of education, a lack of parenting, and a lack of attention," he said. "Everyone needs to come together and just come up with some solutions on working together as one because we can stop this. We have to stop this. Nobody else can stop the killings in Baton Rouge. We have to stop it."

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