Outpouring of prayers & support for sick son of BRPD officers

09/06/15 -
The Baton Rouge Police Department is asking for your prayers this week for baby Luke Allen.
Luke is the son of two BRPD officers, Kirt and Tamron Allen. Tomorrow Luke turns two weeks old. Kirt tells NBC33 that just days ago, he and Tamron learned Luke has a heart issue that requires immediate open heart surgery.
On Friday, Luke was flown to Boston Children's Hospital. He arrived yesterday and will go in for surgery in a few days. Kirt says right now, Luke is doing better after having some medicine and he continues to be a strong little guy.
"He's obviously not out of the woods yet, I mean anytime you work on a 14 day old boy's heart, he's not out of the woods but it's starting to look a little better, he's actually stable. They're still running some tests to find out exactly what's going on" explains Kirt.
A Go Fund Me account has been set up for the Allen's travel expenses and hospital bills. In just two days, the family has received more than $16,000 of their $25,000 goal.
Kirt says, "The money is fantastic and I really appreciate it but more than that, I've been contacted by people from Florida. Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, New York City Police, Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police and everybody from home that are sending us the thoughts and prayers, that means more to me and Tamron than anything."

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