EBR Mayor-President Sharon Broome discusses losing EBRSO Sgt. Shawn T. Anderson

Calls for flags at EBR City Parish buildings to be flown at half-staff

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVLA/WGMB) - East Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome was one of the first city officials at the scene of a deadly deputy-involved shooting that claimed the life of EBRSO Sgt. Shawn Thomas Anderson late Saturday night. 

"We are certainly troubled by acts of violence that are taking place in our community," said Broome. 

For Mayor-President Broome, Saturday night was a hard night, when she got the call that one of our men in blue was shot. 

"Then, to later find out that he indeed lost his life, it was disturbing. As you know, we certainly value the work that our law enforcement officials do for our city, for our parish and for all of us," explained Broome. "Just to know that this sheriff's deputy lost his life protecting and serving our community was certainly very disheartening." 

As the Capital City mourns the loss of another deputy in East Baton Rouge Parish, we asked the mayor, what should we, the community, do at a time like this? 

"So, to the extent that we as a community can rally together around, when we see something going wrong, saying something about it. To the extent that we can be a part of the equation in helping our police officers and our sheriff's deputies. That's vitally important to being a safe community. We'll also create opportunities the citizens of this community to express their condolences to the family," said Broome. 

Broome said, right now, the community needs healing and prayer, and as mayor-president, she has to make sure everyone is on one accord. 

"I plan on certainly making myself available and keeping the citizens of our community informed as this is an ongoing investigation, and I am certainly working with law enforcement and making myself available to assist where appropriate. So that's my first plan of action, and to keep our citizens and our community updated on what is taking place as we move forward in this ongoing investigation," concluded Broome. 

Broome said she paid her respects to Sgt. Anderson's family after the tragic incident. In a press release, Mayor-President Broome is called for flags, at all East Baton Rouge City Parish buildings, to be flown at half-staff this week, in honor of Sgt. Anderson.


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