Effort to recall Mayor Broome gains momentum

BATON ROUGE (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) - An online effort to recall Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome is gaining momentum. 

A woman, who spoke exclusively to Local 33, said she started the Facebook group in June. She said many are not satisfied with how Broome is running the city. Since then almost 7,000 members have joined the group.

The group leader chose to remain anonymous due to death threats. She said she doesn't feel Broome is "backing the blue."

"Calling for the firing for the chief, and the firing of the officers, knowing that was not her call to make... I think promoted a lot of hatred," said the group leader.

That hatred has picked up momentum on Facebook.

"It just blew up and in three days we had 1300, and now we're up to 7,000," said the woman.

They'll still need more people before they can file a real recall petition with the Secretary of State, which requires a certain percentage of registered voters. 

"it's a big number, but people are starting to realize that right is right and wrong is wrong for our community and she is wrong for all of us," said the group leader.

With Broome being the first black female mayor in East Baton Rouge, many question is the initiative race related. 

"I think a lot of people feel that this is what it is about, that is not what it is about, and I care just as much about North Baton Rouge as I do the rest of Baton Rouge, and my opinion she's not helping North Baton Rouge either," said the group leader. 

We reached out to Broome's office and her spokesperson stated they have no comment on the recall effort.


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