Healthy Quinoa Breakfast Recipes

In a Pampered Chef Rice Cooker
1 Cup Quinoa
2 Cups Water
Place in the microwave for 15 minutes, let cool about 2 minutes and mix with other ingredients of choice.
I'm going with pecan chips, 1/2 a banana, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and my families favorite local honey!
Another favorite of mine is the cold quinoa salad:
Cold Quinoa
Dried Cranberries
Goat Cheese 
Roasted Pine Nuts 
Mixed with a balsamic vinegar reduction

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* Short version….quinoa is a grain packed with nutrients. Such as protein, amino acids, fiber, magnesium and name a few. It is a nice alternative to traditional cereals, oatmeal, pancakes, hot cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes…etc. It has a high glycemic index and is also gluten free. I don't have enough time to get into the science behind what the glycemic index is or how it can aid in improving your metabolic health and even what that is. Which is why I always strongly advise my clients and others to educate yourself on what you are putting into your own body. 


* Learn the difference between simple and complex carbs. Learn how food breaks down and turns into energy…what the body actually burns off and what it stores as fat.


* I have a very realistic approach to transitioning from whatever your current health status is into a healthier functional lifestyle. Two major mistakes people make are trying to do crash diets or jumping into an extreme exercise program. You shouldn’t do anything extreme when transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. You will shock your body with too much new activity and dramatic diet changes. For those of you with medical conditions like, cardiac disease, Diabetes or Hypertension, you put yourself at an even higher risk than those without medical issues. In the many years I worked on the unit as a medic I picked up a great number of patients whom were very ill from crash dieting and boot camp or Crossfit type fitness programs. When the Atkins Diet was the new fad an all the rave I saw more patients than I can ever remember with dangerous health emergencies like bottomed out blood sugars, kidney failure, kidney damage, loss of consciousness (passing out)...etc. 


*One tip I can offer if you are wanting to implement healthier foods into your diet. Ease your way into a healthier eating regimen by slowly weaning out the junk foods, processed foods, high sugar foods…etc. Cut out only 1-2 items at a time taking 2-4 weeks to wean completely off those unhealthy foods. Aslo, when you take away a bad food you can replace it with a healthier choice. 


*I felt this would be the best time to address all those out there wanting to change their lives. I am receiving many calls and seeing high numbers of clients wanting to get in shape for swimsuit season. Here’s what I have to say about the topic…Don’t start today trying to get “beach ready” for this May thru August. Instead start the rest of your life today! Look I am a blunt person and even more so when it comes to health and fitness. The honest truth is… If you’re trying to drop weight or tone up in the next 8 weeks…be prepared that failure is a possibility. And if you do succeed you will put your body through an extreme amount of stress to do so…usually ending in the inability to sustain the weight loss. So instead of getting “skinny or in shape”…decide today to change your life and begin transforming towards a healthier functional lifestyle. Do your research and choose to start a program that will have you 1,2,3 steps closer towards your goal by this summer and that will continue on for many summers to come. I know it’s crummy to hear you may not reach your size goal, weight goal, or appearance goal in the next 8 weeks, but start right this moment by changing how you look at fitness. Fitness isn’t supposed to be something we only do to look “good”…it’s not supposed to be a chore or something we must do in order to be happy with ourselves. Fitness is supposed to be something we do to enhance our lifestyles. It’s here to give us more energy, to allow us to sleep better, reduce stress and depression, give more confidence and eventually lead us to a happier, healthier and functional lifestyle.

If you’d going to do it do it the right way so that it lasts. 


*If you’d like more recipes or are interested in hearing more about my realistic…not so scary approach to a obtaining a healthier lifestyle you can send me an email or come see me at Foxy’s Fitness Center.



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