Lone survivor after 3 others murdered speaks out

Lone survivor after 3 others murdered speaks out

Baton Rouge, La (Local 33) (Fox 44) - 36-year-old Ryan Sharpe is the suspect accused of murdering three people in East Feliciana and East Baton Rouge Parishes. He also shot another leaving one lone survivor.

"I see my face with these three other guys that were murdered very, very, thankful and blessed," said Buck Hornsby who is the lone survivor.

Hornsby is blessed to be alive after his early morning walk this past September.

"This car comes up on oncoming traffic," with in seconds "just boom boom" said Hornsby.

He got shot by two shotgun rounds from a random driver.

"I thought I was dying for at least 30 seconds," said Hornsby.

He ran to his cousins house for help, but that random guy caught a month later, suspected in three murders was 36-year-old Ryan Sharpe.

Hornsby said he would classify Sharpe as a "serial killer" and he suspected he lived nearby.

"In my gut I had a feeling this guy was close,"said Hornsby.

Sharpe lived a few miles away and worked as plumber, "he did decent work," said Hornsby. Although, Hornsby never met or knew Sharpe but knew this through his cousin.

Just days before Sharpe was captured with the help of the FBI, he did plumbing work at Hornsby's cousin's house. A few miles away from where Hornsby was shot. Sharpe never picked up a $900 check.

Hornsby said he feels Sharpe shot him because he saw him exercising in the morning.

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