Louisiana Family Devastated After Failed Adoption

CENTRAL, La. - UPDATE: April of 2017 was supposed to be the month that a Central, La., couple would adopt a baby girl they had named Abigail Grace. However, in that month the birth mother and Abigail Grace disappeared. 
After the story broke on Local 33 news, an anonymous source reached out claiming she knew who the birth mother is and where the infant is now living. With the help of this anonymous source authorities tracked down the baby. The baby is safe and was adopted by another family.
The biological mother's name is Alexis Semon, age 27. Two months after Semon gave birth to Abigail Grace she was arrested for child desertion, resisting arrest, and two counts of battery of an officer. Semon is currently serving in Bossier Maximum Security Facility. These charges are unrelated to this story.
The adopting parents, Dylan and Kristin David, launched their own investigation after BRPD and EBRSO initially refused to assist. Here is what they learned:
- Another family living in the Shreveport area is claiming that they paid Semon living and medical expenses throughout the duration of her pregnancy. The David's also paid living and medical expenses along with attorney fees to Michael Theriot LLC., totaling $27,000. (No refunds were offered after the adoption failed)
- With the help of a Caddo Parish Detective the David's were able to confirm Semon has given birth to six children. Five of her children were put up for adoption.
- Per the anonymous source the one child Semon kept was locked out of Semon's apartment complex, while Semon was passed out inside next to empty pill and alcohol bottles. This is the incident that led to Semon's arrest. Child protective services took initial custody of the toddler after Semon's arrest.
- As of today Caddo Parish is conducting an investigation to find proof on whether or not Semon was accepting money from more than one family at a time. 
The David's have since filed a formal complaint against their adoption attorney, Michael Theriot, with the office of disciplinary council. EBRSO is now conducting their own investigations into Theriot's practice. The new family that adopted Abigail Grace, also adopted Semon's fifth child. So now Abigail Grace (given a different name at birth) is reunited with her biological sister. 
After five years of trying to have a baby, Dylan and Kristin David decided it was time to try adoption.
From start to finish the adoption process took 15 months and more than $35,000, but instead of completing the family they had dreamed of becoming the David's are left wondering where the baby girl they named Abigail Grace is. 
Adopting from the state and private agencies were not suitable choices for the David's, so they turned to Michael E. Theriot, an adoption attorney in Baton Rouge. Despite Theriot's warnings of the risky nature of adoption, the David's decided to move forward. A deposit of $3,000 was made so that Theriot could begin searching for a birth mother to match the David's with. 
On August 30, 2016, the David's received a phone call from Theriot. He had found a match. The birth mother lived in the Shreveport area, but had worked with Theriot twice before. 
"I've worked with her twice. She did one adoption, she kept one baby," Theriot said. "That's not terribly unusual." 
However, what happened next was very unusual for the David's.
"I guess about mid October, I started getting some kind of alarming texts," said Kristin David.
One of the alarming texts sent to Kristin's cell phone read: "Do u think u could cosign on a trailer i found. its a good price but i dont have a job so that wont work. ive got to get out of this motel."
Text messages from the birth mother started to come more frequently, and when the David's informed her they could not discuss money without going through their attorney, the intensity of the messages started to increase. 
"Yea imma start looking for another family."
"Can't believe you wouldn't do it to keep Abigail and myself safe." 
According to Dylan, Theriot did not seem to be disturbed by the messages claiming it was typical birth mother behavior. 
Dylan recalled Theriot saying, 'We're so early in the process let's just keep riding it out.'
"It quickly became his tag line, because we had countless number of incidents from that point on...and the threats just got worse," Dylan said. 
With the baby's due date looming, the birth mother became harder and harder to reach. A phone call between the social worker and a man that the birth mother was living with confirmed the David's suspicions. 
According to Dylan's version of the call this is how it went:
"I'm supposed to meet with David and Sonya to sign some type of paperwork,"  the unidentified caller said in Dylan's recount of the tale. "Who is David and Sonya?" asked the social worker. "Then there was an awkward pause and he said 'uh oh' and hung up the phone."
"We were never able to get him back on the phone," Dylan added.  
When asked about that conversation Theriot responded with a laugh and said, "I'm wondering that myself, unequivocally, I'm not working with another family on this case. Never did, never would."
The David's are left with an empty nursery and a drained bank account, and the question still remains, where is Abigail Grace? 
The David's have filed a formal complaint against Michael E. Theriot LLC and are in contact with Shreveport police to try and find out where the baby is. If the birth mother decided to keep the child, then no crime has been committed. However, if she sold the newborn to a different family she could face criminal charges. 

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