No stuffed animals or dogs allowed near Mike the Tiger

No stuffed animals or dogs allowed near Mike the Tiger

Baton Rouge, La (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) - LSU wants to keep the new 'Mike the Tiger' healthy and happy. But, in order to do that they need some help from all of you fans.

You easily could have have brought something with you to his habitat, that could startle and even result in the death of Mike.

Mike draws draws hundreds of people each day to LSU's Campus.

"Just took my kids out to meet Mike the Tiger, they wanted to meet Mike the tiger," said Betty Tanory.

Tanory and her two kids got the chance to look at Mike, but they didn't have stuffed animals in their hands like other kids that were there.

"I told my kids before we came, we're not allowed to bring stuffed animals," said Tanory.

LSU is asking you not to bring stuffed animals or dogs close to his habitat.

Mike can't tell the difference and if he launches at the glass he could break a tooth which could result in his death. LSU said dental problems are the #1 cause of death in both wild and captive tigers.

"We want to keep Mike as long as we can, so we want to keep him nice and safe," said Tanory. 

So no teddy bears or dogs will be allowed by his home.

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