The Salvation Army celebrates National Donut Day

Volunteer gives insight into its history

BATON ROUGE, LA (LOCAL33) (FOX44) - Whether you like glazed or chocolate-covered, Friday, National Donut Day, is the day to indulge in this sweet treat. 

"The donut is spiritual, and it is comforting. It's something that's known universally as a comfort food," said Morgan Dailey of the Salvation Army of Greater Baton Rouge. 

For the Salvation Army, this day has a history all its own. The giving dates back all the way to 1917 during World War I. 

"That started because we sent more than 250 volunteers to the front lines of World War I, and when they got there to provide spiritual and emotional care the women who were there realized that the soldiers needed something more. So, that is when they started to do baked goods for them, and then, when rations ran low, they started to make donuts out of flour and sugar, and they actually mixed them an friend them in the soldiers helmets," explained Dailey. "On any given day, they would serve between 2,500 and 9,000 to the soldiers on the front lines." 

Now, it has evolved. Donut Day means much more than just eating a donut.

"The donuts that we carry on today, and the Salvation Army tradition of Donut Day, it commemorates the donuts the lassies gave to the soldiers, and it's also just a symbol of comfort we can share with the community, especially right now in Baton Rouge we need that," concluded Dailey. 

If you enjoyed a donut, the Salvation Army is asking you to take a picture and share it on social media with the hashtag #GivingIsSweet. 

The Salvation Army of Greater Baton Rouge still does not have a building after last year's August flooding, but it continues to give to the community. If you want to help out, click here


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