Why You Should Learn Jiu Jitsu & Krav Maga for Self Defense

BATON ROUGE, LA---Domestic violence survivor and now advocate for self-defense, Jennifer crochet says everyone should know how to defend themselves.

"I'm a domestic violence survivor from my first marriage, but self-defense didn't play a big part then. I didn't talk about it for 10 years," she says.

A personal trainer and an EMT paramedic, Jennifer says it's not just a stranger who could be your attacker. 

Self Defense Advocate Jennifer Crochet, "A lot of times it's something close to you it takes more from you, it takes something. I don't know how to explain what that is, it's a piece of you, and nothing I did could get that back."

Until she started training through two martial art forms, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Josh Mancuso and Krav Maga Senior Instructor Jeff Pendergrass say these arts are important for defending yourself from the ground up.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Josh Mancuso, "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is really good for kids, women or anyone with a smaller stature just because it's designed and built around leverage. It's not built around size and speed. Those are fine art resources. It focuses you on the ability to manipulate your opponents by using leverage and techniques that are designed against opponents of all sizes and shapes.

Krav Maga Senior Instructor Jeff Pendergrass says, "Running and hiding is good but if you need to know how to fight, you need to know how to defend yourself."


Self Defense Advocate Jennifer Crochet, "The combination of Krav and Jiu Jitsu makes me more confident. If I'm on my feet or on the ground, it definitely increases my chances for survival."

It's important to train consistently and don't rely on a concealed weapon.

Self Defense Advocate Jennifer Crochet, "When true fear sets in you don't think, that's why we train regularly so our bodies are trained to specifically react.

Pendergrass says, "I can't say give me 12 weeks, I'm going to make you a fighter."

Crochet adds, "What price are you willing to put on your safety, period."

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Josh Mancuso, "It's proven on a daily basis that this 100% works."

Crochet says, "These are the guys that gave me back what my ex-husband stole from me. And they're more than just my instructors, they're my friends, they are heroes in their own way and they don't even realize it. So listen to them, listen to them."


You can meet Beau, Jeff and Jennifer at the upcoming 5th Annual Women Only STAR Seminar, where they will be offering hands on instruction to those in attendance. If you are interested in attending the STAR Seminar April 22, 2017, go to www.star.ngo and click on the Events Tab for registration information.

Baton Rouge Krav Maga: www.batonrougekravmaga.com

Josh Mancuso Modern Jiu Jitsu: www.jmmodernjj.com

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