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Workout Wednesday: Marathon Training

BATON ROUGE, LA (LOCAL33) (FOX44) - It's marathon season and that means many will begin training for upcoming 5k's and marathons. 

YMCA Personal Trainer Meredith Atterbery said the best time to start preparing is now. 

" As the temperatures start going down most people start running higher and higher distances. There are two big races in January so this is a great time to start training for those. You can't run a marathon with out training. So it's starting slow, starting small and then slowly building over time," Atterbery said. 

Another good way to prepare is to participate in smaller races like the YMCA's Gingerbread Jog. This 5K fun run is set for Saturday, December 16th at City Park. 

"It's a kid friendly and dog friendly 5K here at City Park. These are stress free. Yes, there are going to be some competitive runners but it's very fun, very lighthearted," Atterbery said. 

Once you set your goal the next step is to get out and get moving. When training you should always begin with a light warm up. Light leg swings, body squats, lunges etc. 

After that move on to some dynamic stretches. Walking lunges, marching and leg kicks. 

Once you are warmed up, the next step is to start running. 

"If you're a walker start walking. If you're walking for 10 minutes try 15. If you're a runner running for 10 minutes try for 15," Atterbery said. 

Atterbery also suggests cross training when prepping for a marathon. 

"I encourage people to do cross training. If you just run people tend to get over use injuries. I encourage bicycling, swimming, walking, even if you're a runner just to change it up a bit," Atterbery said. 

Atterbery also encourages participating in 5K's and smaller races. This gives you a good idea of where you are at in your training and how far you have left to go. 

For more information on the YMCA's Gingerbread Jog visit https://www.imathlete.com/#/legacy?url=%2Fevents%2FEventOverview.aspx%3FfEID%3D66945%26fQuery%3D%26z%3D1508521892749.

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