Workout Wednesday Strength and Train Together Class

BATON ROUGE, LA (LOCAL33) (FOX44) - This week we headed out to the YMCA to learn more about their Strength and Train Together class.

 At your  workout station you'll need a bar with weights and free weights. This equipment will be used to target different parts of the body through out the workout. 

Fitness Instructor Kelly Field said strength and train together is a great way to exercise your entire body in just one hour. 

"Your heart rate is up, everybody is sweating and you're still getting toned and stronger, but at the same time you are burning a lot of calories."

Each workout is timed with an up-beat song. Staying on beat helps raise the heart rate and increases the number of calories burned.

"Probably, I'd say depending on your size and your weight 300 to 600 calories in an hour."

Each song is tailored to isolate a certain body part. This may look fun and easy but I can assure you it's a work out!

This program works in six week intervals. This gives the class time to perfect the movements.

"You do get a chance to kind of learn it because we're doing a lot of moves really quickly and the first couple of times is a little confusing and everyone is trying to catch on and then by the time your tired of it we switch it to another one."

 Once the body starts getting in a routine t's time to change it up!

"We just started a new one and we'll do that for six weeks and then we'll get another one we'll change it up so the entire workout is completely different."

Change keeps not only your body engaged but your mind.

"You want to stay engaged in the workout and block everything else out that's going on and that helps your mind also stay young and alert."

And when you finish the workout trust me you'll feel great!

"When people leave this class they feel awesome! They just are ready to take on the world. I feel great about this class and being part of it because it really improves your life."


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