Southern Super Fan: Kenny Ricard

If you've been to a Southern University football game in the last 30-some years, you've probably heard Kenny Ricard. 
He sits in Row 7 along with his wife, and his megaphone. 
He's had season tickets since 1980 and hasn't missed a home game during his time as a season ticket holder. Actually, "I've only been late to one home game in those 40 years," he says.
When it comes to Southern, Kenny Ricard has pretty much seen it all. He grew up across the street from the school and currently lives a 1/2 mile away from the stadium. Ricard says he remembers when the Southern band practiced in dirt. 
Ricard went on to graduate from the school in 1979 with a degree in Education. He calls his experience there, second to none. 
"I was actually a member of the Southern University human juke box band," said Ricard, as he pointed to a black and white photo of himself sitting on the shoulders of another band member. "So as Nathan brings me up, I'm doing this... the Funky Chicken... then I blow a kiss to the fans and the place erupted."
But before his time at Southern, Ricard admits that college was never in the plan for him. "I had no idea what I was going to do out of high school," he says.
"Southern just did so much for me as a person because I could have gone another direction," he went on to say. "But, due to the fact that Southern took me in and embraced me as a 17 or 18 year old... I still have that strong passion."
Ricard says being able to attend every home game and cheer on the Jags is his way to give back.

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