ST. FRANCISVILLE/GONZALES, La. (BRPROUD)– BRProud’s Clear the Shelters event is this Saturday, Aug. 27.

We aim to get cuties like Espresso the kitten out of kennels and into homes.

Espresso with Rescue Alliance

The West Feliciana Animal Humane Society, a place running off of passion and love, says they are taking more animals in than going out.

“We’re seeing a lot more surrenders now. Surrendering is when somebody can’t take care of their animal any longer. We think that that’s partly because of the economy and fixture finances,” said West Feliciana Animal Humane Society Volunteer Peggy Lucky.

Lucky said their small shelter is overflowing with animals.

“We’re set up to take out about 48 dogs and have probably 60. We’re set to take about 45 or so cats. I’ve got 73 in our system right now, so we are just bursting at the seams.”

With the warm weather and at the height of kitten season, Rescue Alliance Director of Operations Jonathan Henriques said they help smaller and less visible rescues get pets out of the door.

“It’s about exposure, letting people see how cute, how sweet, how amazing these wonderful pets are. Because otherwise, you would never know they were there looking for a forever home,” he explained.

During Clear the Shelters, many of these rescues are hoping to gain a few more volunteers and get some of these animals adopted.

“We want people just to learn about us and come see us. Because if you come, I’m sure you’ll find someone that you fall in love with,” said Lucky.

“We do everything we possibly can to take in as many as we can, but as a foster-based rescue, we can only take in what we have room for. That’s why these adoption events are so important,” added Henriques.

Don’t forget to join us for Clear the Shelters this Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Companion Animal Alliance.

To donate to the West Feliciana Animal Humane Society, click here, and to donate to Rescue Alliance, click here.