WHITE CASTLE, La. (BRPROUD.com) – Ja’Tyre Carter’s story was about waiting: waiting one season to become a four year starter on the Bluff, waiting until the final day in the final round of the NFL draft to hear his name called, and for Jaguar Nation, waiting 18 years to see the first Southern player drafted since 2004, and Ja’Tyre felt the pressure himself, before getting his phone call to the Windy City.

“The loss of hope, me thinking imma go undrafted free agent is a lot of anxiety, a lot of feelings, feeling down. I might not get on a call, but everything worked out in my favor.”

Carter was correct. The Chicago Bears called the White Castle alum two picks before writing his name on the draft card, selecting him 226th overall. The moment Ja’Tyre’s dream came true was so monumental the new Bear couldn’t hear what his new head coach said.

“I was just saying yes, sir, yes, sir, because I can’t hear him. My family was screaming, and I couldn’t even hear him so I just kept saying, yes, sir, yes, sir. I’m just ready to work,” Carter added.

Family was why the former Jag chose football over basketball, even though both sports provided a pathway to college. Carter felt he had a better shot of reaching the NFL, instead of the NBA, and after earning a draft spot, Carter’s journey to Chi-town will help him keep his promise.

“Just amazing man. Just doing what I said I was going to do; and just fulfilling that dream; and just going out there and going work; and just helping them out. I can see that my family was very happy for me, and I’m just happy by myself, but the work not done so I just got more to do.

Carter mauled defenders into end zones while run blocking, but Ja’Tyre will have to aid in pass protection to help the Bears. Chicago gave up a league-high 58 sacks last season, but the seventh-rounder didn’t give up a single sack in 2021, after facing three of the FCS’s top 11 pass rushers.

“Pass protection is like an art. Just a poetry man. Seeing the ink from the pen go on the paper and just like everything leading up to the game: film, practice, working extra after practice. Just seeing it all come altogether, and in the game, you just play.

Carter will head to Chicago on Thursday, May 5th.

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