SHREVEPORT, La. — As Louisiana continues through the reopening process, there will be a natural feeling to want to get out and explore. Stacy Brown with the Shreveport Bossier Tourism Bureau thinks Northwest Louisiana would be the perfect place.

“We’ve got some fantastic hotels, some great restaurants, so act like a tourist,” Brown said. “Get out and about, and looking at also what are some of those things they haven’t done before.”

Louisiana is nicknamed the Sportsman’s Paradise, and that’s especially true in the Shreveport Bossier area. From the Toledo Bend Reservoir to Caddo Lake, there are numerous areas to get out on the water.

“Going out and kayaking and canoeing on some of our great rivers and lakes that we have nearby,” said Brown. “We have water in abundance so there’s lots of great opportunities there.”

There are also plenty of museums and exhibits in the area that are starting to reopen, like our science museum, appropriately named Sci-Port, and have found ways to keep people safe.

“For instance, on some of the touch displays, rather than use your finger, you may have a stylus that you use and take home with you,” Brown said. “So, there are lots of different ways that they are accommodating keeping people safe.”

Food usually plays a big part whenever on vacation. Brown says now is the perfect time to change things up.

“I know sometimes we get into a rut, and we tend to go to those same comfort places all the time, now is the time to explore and try something new.”