BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Coding, which is also commonly called ‘computer programming,’ is tough for adults, let alone kids.

But one child in Baton Rouge has mastered it and even created his own video game.

Mason Prestridge-Hoover is the local eight-year-old who already has an impressive resume in this regard. The young entrepreneur is already a game creator and coder.

It’s no surprise that his mother, Stephanie Prestridge, calls the young businessman “pretty amazing.”

“I am amazed by him every single day,” she said. “He has always had an interest in videos, coding, and the metrics behind that. And he just really works everyday pursuing that.”

Prestridge says her son’s dedication to his craft is unique for someone so young.

When speaking with BRProud, he briefly explained his perspective on coding, saying, “Coding is like a language.”

Prestridge-Hoover’s interest in coding developed when he was six, and he started coding at only seven years of age.

He took learning seriously, which meant attending coding classes with his cat -hence his screen name on Roblox, Code_Cat- and waking up at 5:30 a.m. to do research and watch ‘how-to’ videos about coding. All of this was done with the goal of perfecting his skills.

But one day, he decided to challenge himself even more, and he took coding to the next level.

He decided to make his own video game.

“I wanted to be serious and actually make a game, and it was actually kind of fun,” he said.

Prestridge-Hoover’s game is called ‘Guess the Code’ and it’s fun but educational.

He touched on this when explaining what motivated him to create ‘Guess the Code,’ saying, “So, what is the purpose of all of this? I am sharing what I learned to help others love learning too.”

The eight-year-old also has a YouTube channel designed to help others learn how to code.

He told BRProud his goal is to become a professional YouTuber, make lots of money, and create even more games.