BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Imagine having a medical detecting dog that could help sniff out a medical emergency before it even happened. Well, one Baton Rouge family has a chocolate lab that can do just that.

A brother and sister duo, Samantha Heroman and Charles “Charli” Heroman want to raise awareness and money for M-D dogs, in hopes that others can experience having a life-saving animal.

Rooney, a two-year-old chocolate lab, can sense when their dad, Curtis Heroman, who is a Type 1 diabetic, blood sugar changes. Rooney alerts him by nudging him when there are changes to his blood sugar.

“M-D dogs is an organization that trains and develops medical diabetic alert dogs. And these dogs can help diabetics in many ways,” said Samantha Heroman. “We think it’s very important that someone else gets a dog that’s as amazing.”

They want to raise money because the price tag on dogs like Rooney can range from $15 to $20 thousand dollars. M-D dogs helped the Heroman family get Rooney for free with money the organization raised.

“It’s really a comfort factor for us to know that we have something else that is an amazing treat, but it also helps him,” said Laura Heroman.

Laura, the kid’s mom, said having that sense of security has price no price tag. She also added it’s such a blessing for them to want to help others who may need a dog like Rooney.

“I didn’t know before Curtis had this experience anything about these dogs, anything about this company and it’s been fun to learn and to share that with everyone else,” said Laura.

You can donate by clicking here on the M-D Dogs website.