BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — One gym in Baton Rouge is putting the state on the map when it comes to the cheer world.

Louisiana Cheer Force Gold brought home top honors in the 2022 Cheerleading Worlds competition.

The team’s coach said while history was made, it’s also about the life-building skills cheer has to offer.

Teams from all over the world performed in Orlando at the 2022 cheerleading world competition in April but only one came out on top in their division.

“I have been on this team for six years and I have dreamed my entire cheer career of being on this team,” said Sophie Huffine.

17-year-old Huffine has been cheering with the Louisiana Cheer force for most of her life. It’s sort of a family tradition. Not only did she share this win with her friends but with her 13-year-old sister as well. Huffine said to be a cheerleader you have to have drive and passion for the sport.

“I want to be the best so I will spend my life and even weekends trying to be the best,” said Huffine.

Like any competitive sport, athletes want to win but the owner of Louisiana Cheer Force, Rachael Pearson, said winning comes in many other forms.

“Cheerleading is what we teach but it goes way beyond that… It’s about the journey and what did you learn along the way did you have fun, did you make new friends, did you build your self-confidence, did you learn new skills,” said Pearson.

Huffine said it’s those skills and self-confidence she learned with Louisiana Cheer Force that she will take to Death Valley. Huffine is one of LSU’s newest members of the cheer team.

“There are hard days but getting to the goods days and getting to this, I’ll get through the hard days just fine,” said Huffine.

Louisiana Cheer Force wrapped up their season with a big win and now it’s time to do it all over again. Tryouts for the team are this weekend, that information is listed below.

LA Cheer Force tryout dates

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