AMITE, La. (BRPROUD) – Pictures are where time stands still and memories last forever.

One Baton Rouge seven-year-old is capturing those moments in time. Nasir Freeman is a second-grader at Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts. He loves soccer, spending time with family, and of course, taking pictures.

When asked why he likes taking pictures, he said it’s because it’s creative and fun to practice.

Nasir picked up a camera when he was just six years old. In just one year Nasir has mastered photography skills that take some adults years to learn.

“I like street photography,” said Nasir.

Nasir shoots and edits his own work, a skill he learned from his dad, Darrell Freeman.

“It’s always been a creative outlet for me. Some people may like it other may not but as long as you like it that all that matter and that’s what I try to teach him,” said Darrell.

Darrell has been shooting since 1998 but didn’t reach the professional level until 2020.

“He is my only boy, so he is always with me and comes with me to photoshoots and over time he built up a curiosity for it,” said Darrell.

Darrell said it’s up to parents to cultivate the things that children love to do.

“If you pay attention to children, they will tell you what they want to be. If you put the right things around them and you foster that, you never know what you could be raising,” Darrell.

This dad and son relationship, “even though they can be a pain in the but sometimes,” said Darrell, is one that should be modeled for generations to come.

When asked how he feels about taking pictures with his dad, he said he feels good and proud.

Nasir hopes to become an actor and a photographer when he grows up.

You can follow Nasir on Instagram it’s at that_boy_with_the_cameraBR.