DENHAM SPRINGS, La. (BRPROUD) — A little kindness can go a long way, and this remarkable woman is a true example.

Leslie Akin is a pastor. She preaches quite often at Luke 10:27 Church in Denham Springs, but her mission right now is to reach beyond the podium.

“I love the Lord a lot and I know how real he is, and I’ve known it all my life,” Akin explained.

Akin has always been a believer and a giver. Motivated by her faith, she decided to create a ministry for kids.

“It was the Lord, and quiet time, and then the ideas came,” she said.

One idea she created was a ministry called “Kindness Keepers.” It offers programs that provide tutoring, after-school care, art lessons and even gardening.

“It’s unique in that we partner with one school, and it’s Denham Springs, and the most we can take is 20. They learn how to live off the land,” she said.

In the greenery, you’ll find selfless volunteers and staff, who also keep the kindness going. Like Aletha Brazile, a dedicated volunteer and staff member.

“I enroll them, I feed them and give them snacks, and I help others,” Brazile said.

She considers Akin a true role model.

“She’s so caring and she is such a God-fearing woman. She believes in helping, giving, and she believes in loving you,” Brazile explained.

Pastor Lonnie Shupe is also a member of Luke 10:27. He says Akin is the kind of woman who cares for everyone she meets.

“It’s consistently who she is and it invites and ushers all of us to be our best for each other, and just as people,” Shupe said.