PORT BARRE, La (BRPROUD) – This Standout Student is booked and busy. She’s working on earning her high school diploma, a college degree and more.

“Oh, my goodness, I have to have a schedule every week just to make sure everything flows perfectly,” said Lenzie Buller, 17.

This 17-year-old at Port Barre High School has it all figured out — for the most part. When Buller isn’t in the books maintaining a 4.2667 GPA, she’s on the field, the court or the track. 

“For college, I’ll have a class at like eight or nine and I’ll finish and get to school around 11:30 and then my next class starts at one. So I have that time to get some assignments done, get some studying in and do everything that I need to do before Spanish starts,” said Buller. “I just feel like wow, doing so good in school and also being really good at my sports, it makes me feel like everything I’ve done means something. It’s just like I’m not doing this for nothing.”

While she keeps the body moving, her brain isn’t getting much rest either, but it’s all about to pay off.  

“I want to be a physical therapist. I’ll go to UL for kinesiology and then all I have to do over there is get my bachelor’s degree because I’ll already have my associate’s degree, and then I’ll go to PT school,” said Buller.

Buller has already met most of her high school requirements. She will close out the school year with just one Spanish class after wrapping up her college classes for the day before she’s off to her job. 

“I’ve been working at a physical therapy clinic in Lafayette,” said Buller.

Seems like a lot for this overachiever, but it’s all in a day’s work.

“When you win a lot, when you do something really good, it makes you feel amazing,” said Buller.  

From college classes to high school classes, leadership in school clubs and sports, how does she do it all? She’s got quite the support system. 

“My mom is just like the biggest cheerleader at all the sports, all the games, everything, and she’s made me realize that I can do whatever I want and excel at it,” said Buller.

“It didn’t matter what we put her in, we put her in Jiu Jitsu, it just didn’t matter she learned what she needed to learn, and she became the best at it, she just has that competitive attitude,” said Heather Buller.

Come graduation Lenzie will celebrate the best way the family knows how.

“Because she will be graduating high school and college with an associate degree, so we’re a farm family, and we’re going to butcher a pig and have a Cochon De Lait and have everybody over and celebrate all of her accomplishments,” said Heather.

For those still wondering how she does it all, she has some valuable advice.

“Don’t think about it, just do it,” said Lenzie.

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