BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Sisters Payton Turner, 9, and Paris Turner, 10, share different interests, but both have a common passion for acting. It’s something the pair say they’ve been doing since the ages of 5 and 6. Now they’re claiming their rise to fame landing roles on the popular Emmy award-winning TV show “Abbot Elementary.”

The show is a mockumentary sitcom series about teachers at a predominately Black underfunded Philadelphia school.

“Well, auditioning for a TV show is kind of hard and easy at the same time, you have to rehearse the script and whenever you rehearse it you have to read it without lines,” said Paris.

For her sister Peyton that meant auditioning twice before eventually getting the role.

“I did it again, and she said I got picked and I was crying my heart out and I told her I didn’t believe her,” said Peyton.

She plays a character named Nia in Season 2, Episode 8 called “Egg Drop” and Episode 9, “Sick Day.”

Both credit their accomplishments to their mom’s encouraging words.

“We’re confident because if we don’t get it, my mom is like ‘Oh that means God is giving you something even better,'” said Paris.

“Or ‘This one’s not meant for you,'” added Peyton.

That advice has taken them far. No strangers to bright lights, this isn’t the first time the girls have landed coveted roles. They play twins on “Interview with the Vampire” and have a quick cameo in Doja Cat’s music video for hit song “Vegas.”

They said this is just the beginning, and for those dying to know just what it’s like working with the cast and executive producer of the show Quinta Brunson, Peyton said it’s an experience of a lifetime.

“Janine — she was just like her character. She’s so short. She’s so cute. She was amazing. She told everybody what they were doing wrong. Sure, she forgot some of her lines sometimes but don’t tell anybody,” said Peyton.

Although that secret’s out, the pair is also dishing out their secrets to success.

“If you ever put your heart in something, do it. If somebody says, ‘Oh you cannot do this,’ don’t believe them,” said Peyton.  

“If they say you can’t do it, they are a hater. They’re a hater. Don’t believe them, put your mind to it and you can achieve it,” said Paris.

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