NAPOLEONVILLE, La. (BRPROUD) – The Assumption Parish Public School Board recently recognized those students who were selected as the top students at their schools and for the district overall.

The top three winners included Assumption High School senior Kassidy Besson, Napoleonville Middle School eighth-grader River Sanchez and Belle Rose Primary School fifth-grader A’Nyri Parker. All three students represented the parish at the Region 2 student competition.

“I did not think I was going to make it this far ever,” said Parker.

Parker is not the only one still swooning over the title of student of the year.

“I was like, ‘No, you’re lying, no way,'” said Besson.

“My heart, like, I felt my heart beating so much,” said Sanchez.

Different ages, different personalities and different interest but one thing they all have in common other than being top students is their passion for community service.

“You can’t lose from it, you might lose time, but it’s not really like you lost time because you gained experience, you gained experience, you gained conversation,” said Besson.

Superintendent Dr. John Barthelemy describes them as a model of excellence, earning the title is no easy accomplishment.

“We have judges come in and they rate and grade and evaluate all the things the students are doing, applications, and then they have their interview process and then they’re nominated from there based on the rating system,” said Barthelemy.

All students were selected based on criteria that measured their academic achievements, leadership skills, character and service to their school and community.

“I do gymnastics, I am a manager for basketball, volleyball, I sing in a choir in my church,” said Parker.

“I play football, and I’m in student council,” said Sanchez.

“I believe your high school experience is based on exactly what you make it,” said Besson. “I’ve been involved with student council over the last three years, I also do class committee and I do run track, I love track.”

So what does it mean to be student of the year?

“Just doing what’s expected and doing what you’re supposed to,” said Sanchez.

“Lead your peers into something that’s better than just going to school every day and actually getting something out of it,” said Besson.

“Just be a good leader and do good things so you can be a benefit to others around you,” said Parker.

Clearly leaders in the classroom, it may seem obvious that the future president is amongst us but I’m told these standout students have different plans.

“I want to be a marine biologist; I want to help restore Louisiana’s coastal wetlands because we are disappearing and it is scary,” said Besson.

“I want to go to LSU and become a mechanical engineer or electrical engineer. I just think making stuff is super fun,” said Sanchez.

“I want to be a nurse and an entrepreneur, and I’d also like to start a program called ‘I Hear You’ for the hearing impaired,” said Parker.

Students are selected each year from grades 5, 8 and 12 to compete in the state program. The students were presented with an award from the Assumption Parish Retired Teachers Association.

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