BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – The students of Tara High School are making a difference in each other’s lives teaching about diversity all while enhancing their culinary skills.

In just a short time, the students have experienced over 20 cultures, and no, not a single airline was involved.

“What always brings people together? Food,” said Pro Start Teacher Tristan Selvage.

International Day isn’t your average dining experience. Here you can have it all and there’s only one rule, you don’t have to like it… but at least try it. Selvage said it was important her kids share their experiences and cultures with one another.

“The children see each other see each other eat different things but they don’t know why,” said Selvage.

The students took pride in bringing their traditional dishes to the forefront, student Estrella Romero even had her mom help.

“Because these you have to make by hand, and you have to know how to mess with the flour and she knows how to do it and I can’t, so she came to help me because she says she wants people to try our food, ” said Romero.

Romero said widening the palette of her peers is deeper than just sampling food.

“I miss where I came from, I miss a lot of things from there, and since I’ve been here there’s not a lot of places that know where I come from, or like that really care,” said Romero.

While Romero’s cultural dish tells a different story she shares with her classmates, the menu did not disappoint.

“I was actually kind of nervous but then I took a bite out of it and it was actually really good,” said student Jae’lyn Gordon.

With full bellies and new a outlook, the message is clear for these standout students proving food is a language we all understand.

“I’ve heard of stories of people being made fun of for the stuff they want, about how to like it smells or tastes and how they got bullied for it so I feel like it should be important that you learn the culture,” said student Aniya Brown.

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