Despite the challenges of 2020, Nashville-based country music artist CJ Solar has shined.

“For a pretty tough year, there’s been a lot of silver linings,” Solar said. “I continue to release music. I had a #1 song with my buddy Jameson Rodgers that I wrote for him called ‘Some Girls’. That was really cool, and I wrote my first Christmas song this year. Just really blessed and yeah excited to still be making music.”

The Baton Rouge talent is headed home for the holidays and what matters most, his family support system, including do-it-all mom Kay McHenry Solar.

“I think just being thankful if your families are healthy and can get together, and I always look forward to all the boys being over and spending the night for Christmas Eve, so CJ’s going to be home in time, and hoping that Cody and Mack will come over, and it’s nice just being together for the holidays,” Kay McHenry Solar said.

CJ Solar added, “So amazing having mom being so supportive and putting together these events, and helping me with all the stuff back home. Honestly it takes a lot off my plate for helping me get back to the area.”

Sunday night, CJ will join several friends to play a special ‘Home for the Holidays’ concert at the Shaw Center’s 4th floor terrace downtown. The socially distant event has limited availability, but a focus on family will also be headlining.

“Always great getting back home and seeing some of my buddies that I only see during that time of the year,” Solar said. “Obviously hanging out with family is super important and unfortunately being eight-nine hours away, it doesn’t happen as much as I would like. The songwriter shows are extra special because you get to tell stories and do extra stuff, so that’s always nice. So yeah it just doesn’t feel rushed, and I get to soak up that family hang time.”

Kay McHenry added, “It’s going to be a little bit different too because they’ll do the songwriter round but when we come back after the intermission, they’re gonna play some favorite tunes that they all know and everybody knows, and just have a good time because everybody’s needing that.”

-CJ Solar playing music: ‘…already know that I didn’t get for which I asked, but the only present I want, the only present I want, the only present I want is the past……..Merry Christmas y’all!’

For more information on the ‘Home for the Holidays’ concert, click HERE.