“As a mom, I’ve just been trying to focus on a sense of fun, and a little bit lightheartedness,” Dannie De Novo said.

Nearly a year into the COVID pandemic, Dannie De Novo is very mindful of her actions while parenting.

“How many times do you smile a day? How many times do you laugh a day? Are you enjoying those little moments and are you sharing them with your children? Because those are the things that they are really going to remember. They’re going to see you going through this time period with a smile on your face and with fortitude. And that’s what they’re going to remember down the road, so that when they run into difficult times, they’re going to take that knowledge from what they gain from you and use on on their own lives.”

The best-selling author and mindset coach is using the acronym “SHARE” to help stressed-out parents.

‘S’ is for switch the script.

“It’s time to switch it up again and get out of that comfort zone and get out of the normal routine and right now just do something to change up that energy.”

‘H’ is for honor yourself and taking care of yourself. ‘A’ is for amusement and finding those fun moments.

‘R’ is for recognizing the good.

“It is really easy to see the bad. Especially if we keep looking for it. And if we train ourselves to keep looking for it, we get into the cycles of anxiety and frites soon. So let’s train ourselves to look for the hood and when you find the good, you’ll see more of that come in.”

And ‘E’ is for energy!

“We’ve got to bump it up, times a thousand. You get to set the tone here, you get to be the leader. So when you do something that makes you feel good, other people around you feel good. Again, you have no idea how far down that road that energy will transfer.”