BURNSIDE, La. (BR Proud) — Nearly two thousand Trip Advisor reviews give Houmas House Estate and Gardens an average five star rating.

“It’s really hard to explain what a visitor would see here, other than the house,” said Jim Blanchard, designer for Houmas House. “That’s what everyone thinks it is.”

People online have left rave reviews about the gardens, attentiveness of staff, quality of food and recently opened Great River Road Museum.

Blanchard doubles as the curator for the new museum, which has only been open for a number of weeks. “It’s a museum focusing on life along the Mississippi, from Baton Rouge to New Orleans,” said Blanchard.

While the estate has multiple dining options, executive chef Jeremy Langlois has developed quite the following after serving under legendary Louisiana great, Chef John Folse.

“(Folse) is the authoritative person when it comes to the history of Cajun and Creole cuisine,” said Langlois. “The thing he’s best known for is being the ambassador of Louisiana cuisine to the world.”

The knack for creative Cajun cuisine was something Langlois picked up on during his many years as a follower of Folse. “One of the things I’m most known for is — I created this soup when I was 24 — called bisque of curry pumpkin crawfish corn,” Langlois told BR Proud.

That soup is now one of Houmas House’s best sellers, according to Blanchard.