BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Mr. Tommie Gipson is the type of educator whose former students always come back to say thank you while his current students, who are moving up a grade, find it hard to say goodbye.

Gipson has been teaching for 28 years and is an 8th-grade English instructor at Sherwood Middle Magnet School.

“I love molding young minds. I love guiding them. Not just the curriculum and the subject matter, but for life as well,” Gipson said.

Throughout the year, Gipson has been teaching his class about the different concepts of writing, and speech. He believes if you speak well, you can write well.

“I teach them at the grade where they are. A little bit where they came from, and at least two grades beyond what I am teaching them now,” he explained.

Gipson also likes to incorporate life lessons, in order to bond with his students.

“All of the stumbling blocks and the hardships; They are for a greater life lesson, and you get your great reward, when you accomplish those obstacles.”

It’s that way of teaching, that got Mr. Gipson recognized for his hard work and dedication. Gipson was one of three teachers given a $2,000 prize from ExxonMobil.

“Teaching really is my passion, I believe it’s my calling.”

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