BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – If this class were an equation, she would be the exponent.

A teacher who’s more than a problem solver.

“I tell them exactly what we are going to do. How it’s going to work. I tell them when there are tough things that are going to come up. When the easier things come, we interact, we try to have fun,” said Maura Lewis.

More like a solution-giver.

“Every day you get to start over, so even if you’ve had a bad day. Your students have had a bad day, the very next day it’s a clean slate,” said Lewis.

Now add all those components together, and you get Lewis, a 7th/8th-grade algebra, STEM, and computer science teacher at Woodlawn Middle School.

Our cameras were there when the students were preparing for a big assessment test ahead.

“We’ve been working pretty much all week on study guides in preparation for the LEAP exam,” said Lewis.

A stressful time for these students, but when the lesson gets a little too overwhelming, Lewis has some sound advice.

“You’re going to make a lot of mistakes but you’re going to get over this hump and once you get over that hump you are going to know how to solve equations,” said Lewis.

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