BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The X-Factor Sports Performance located at 3464 Drusilla Lane in Baton Rouge has some of the best sports coaches and trainers in the world.

“The idea is to be able to give access to the kids in Baton Rouge, give them something they didn’t have access to in the first place,” said co-owner D’andre Guerin. “I played football, track, baseball, also a little basketball when I was younger, but for me growing up it was a thing to basically just go outside and play sports in the streets.”

The gym offers workouts and training for athletes ages seven and older who play soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis and more. Some of the coaches and trainers are professional athletes.

“Trey Duncan who is a professional baseball player, he’s here. Justin who ran and played for Team USA, he’s here,” said Guerin.

The workouts for student-athletes are more than helping students reach their peak performance. Coaches pass along life-lessons that go beyond sports.

Guerin said, “Leading with more of a bigger heart. Stepping into this world with more of an impact of let me make a certain level of change in this world, and it’s bigger than the sport that I love. We have to give them the tools on how to grow up like right now. How to move in this society and how to understand, now you have social media around you. It’s a little different.”

Cole Conner, who is a high school baseball player, said, “It’s been great. The coaches here have shown me leadership and how to motivate others. It definitely made me a better athlete.”

“It’s been phenomenal. I’ve learned a lot here mentally and physically. They have definitely impacted me,” said student who plays basketball Adam Bazile.

X-Factor also caters to children with disabilities too, who can use the facility at no cost. Physical therapists provide activities based on their favorite sport.

Guerin said, “My uncle had muscular dystrophy that’s what they died from at a young age. To be able to impact kids with autism, down syndrome, we welcome everybody. I’m just glad to be able to make an impact in kids’ lives. I don’t have any children, but to give them the tools they need to go out in this world and make difference is a really good feeling.”