BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — One gym, called Hotworx, is heating up the Baton Rouge area. It’s one of the few studios in the area that uses infrared energy during your fitness routine. The gym is located at 7673 Perkins Road and contains nine infrared saunas.

Hotworx member, Ava Reinecke, has been going to the gym for about 10 months. She has lost 15 pounds. Reinecke said she works out about four times a week and follows a virtual instructor inside the sauna for about 45 minutes. Temperatures range between 120 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

“As I got used to the heat, I started to feel better leaving the sauna and what really drew me in was having my own personal room and having that me time to set aside for the day,” said Ava Reinecke, Hotworx Perkins Road member.

Reinecke said a big reason she comes back is for the variety in classes. They include isometric and HITT sessions such as Pilates, yoga, cycling, rowing and core workouts.

“I’ve noticed a change in my midsection, my stomach has gotten smaller, but I have noticed toning in my arms, in my legs and in my abs,” said Reinecke.

Joanne Cascio is the owner and manager of the Hotworx location on Perkins Road. She said she has also lost weight doing the workouts in hot temperatures.

“I was working out at least three times a week and within about four months I lost about 25 pounds,” said Joanne Cascio, owner and manager of Hotworx Perkins Road.

Cascio said the saunas at Hotworx operate differently than a traditional one. They use light to make heat in lower temperatures. She said the infrared energy promotes weight loss and offers additional health benefits.

“You burn a ton of calories, you have an after burn of up to an hour, so while you are driving home your body is still working hard to cool itself down and so, you are still burning calories,” said Cascio.

Studies conducted by the National Library of Medicine also show infrared saunas improve heart health, soothe sore muscles, treat chronic pain, aid in relaxation and can help fight off illness.

“There are so many great stories here at Hotworx with people and their journeys and I love it,” said Cascio.

“I definitely feel better. It’s the most important part to me. Mentally and physically, I feel happier and stronger,” said Reinecke.

The gym is open 24 hours a day and members can schedule classes on a mobile app. Memberships start at $59.

For more information on the gym, head to the Hotworx website. You can receive a free workout.