The pandemic has left a lot of pools, parks and public beaches closed this summer, leaving people without the chance to soak up the sun at their favorite hot spot. It’s now projected the sunless tanners market will grow by hundreds of millions of dollars in the coming years, partially due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

For me, finding the right routine for tanning has always been a chore. I’ve never been one to bask in the sun all day and am adamant about getting my moles charted annually, at the advice of a dermatologist. Being quarantined at home however, helped me realize that my spray tan pacakge at the neighborhood spa was both expensive and unavailable.

Now more than ever, the options for a sunless tanning product however, are overwhelming. They come in the form of lotions, wipes and mousses. Some packages include a laundry list of artificial chemicals.

While talking to a fellow news anchor, she suggested a relatively new product made by a young female entrepreneur out of Phoenix. It’s called Blue Saint and honestly, sounded a little ‘too good to be true.’

Made primarily from plant-based ingredients, my colleague said Blue Saint was easy to apply, streak-free, fast-drying and didn’t have that “fake tan” smell. So, I decided to give it a try.

The product came in the mail along with a free silky self-tanning mit and boasted a ‘zero-orange guarantee.’ The marketing for the Instant Body Self-Tanning Foam said its made with Italian probiotics.

The pump produces a light foam mousse that is easily applied and after multiple tries, I can honestly say leaves NO streaks. My favorite part of the product is that I can literally apply it moments before going on air with little care about unevenness. The packaging says the deep bronze look appears in about two hours.

Blue Saint also makes Face Self-Tanning Drops, which I opted to try as well. The packaging says to use 2-3 drops for each application and also recommends mixing it in with your foundation.

Like I previously said, the product was developed by a 20-year-old entrepreneur. I’m elated to support another female working toward her dream, and was so impressed that she was able to accomplish (and overcome) all objections women have regarding self-tanners at such a young age.

Outside of Blue Saint, I also suggest Hoola Matte Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics. I love it so much that I keep one at work and one at home. It is great as a contour and easy to build upon – not to mention, it has an amazingly natural color.

Check them out and let me know what you think! If you have any suggestions or products you can’t live without, please send me a note. I’d love to try it!