Workout Wednesday: Women’s Heart Health Month Pt. 2


BATON ROUGE, LA (BRPROUD) – Women’s Heart Health Month is almost over, and so far we learned that the first step to bettering your heart health is simply getting active.

“The number one thing is for everyone to move. Couch surfing, while it can be a lot of fun, will not really get our heart pumping.”

YMCA Director of Healthy Lifestyles Julie Russel said start with actives you enjoy.

“You can begin very simply. What are the activities that you enjoy? Maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s dancing in the kitchen, whatever it may be highlight those things in your life and keep repeating that.”

Having a go to workout routine is great, but Russell said don’t be afraid to change it up.

“I think one thing we want to keep in mind is to keep changing things. If we keep doing those same things the same way, meaning the same pattern, the same days of the week. Make some changes so you can make some changes in your body and in your life. And maybe it becomes our new pattern for the next six weeks or next month whatever it is.”

And with each workout really challenge yourself.

“The other thing that I think is very important is looking at the quality. So maybe were walking but are we walking at the same pace, are we getting our heart pumping a little bit harder. So we need to challenge the heart, in a good way, so we get the healthy long-term results that we need.”

And if you really want to make a change talk to the YMCA about it’s nutrition and personal training options.

“We have a great partnership with the Baton Rouge General Wellness Center for those that purchased one of our personal training packages. That will include an appointment with the Baton Rouge wellness team, and you can meet with a registered dietitian who will do a 30 minute nutritional consult. They can really help tweak those little changes within nutrition while we’re tweaking changes in physical activity.”

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