Editor’s note: A product the distillery makes has been corrected in this story. We apologize for the error.

DONALDSONVILLE, La. (BRPROUD) – A south Louisiana family-owned distillery was all set to open in 2019 when COVID-19 reached U.S. shores, triggering a pandemic that upended life across the nation.

Nearly three years later, Donaldsonville’s Noël Family Distillery has finally opened its doors.

Many would say the grand opening was worth the wait. The father-daughter team that runs the facility has already made waves by becoming the sole Louisiana-based distillery to offer tequila.

Noël’s also features innovative flavors such as their signature pickle-infused vodka and rum with a sugarcane and molasses base.

Natalie Noel and her father Chip run the business. Both are proud Louisianians, a fact that’s reflected in the subtle Bayou State themes the Noel’s weave into the distillery’s branding.

The tiny frog in the company’s logo is an example of this. The Noel’s say it’s a green tree frog, adding that they chose the animal because it’s the official Louisiana state amphibian.

On their website, the family says, “We love our state and we’re proud to represent Louisiana no matter where we are in the world.”

The family had to tap into their pride and resilience to move forward with opening the distillery after the shattering effects of COVID-19.

Their efforts paid off. As of June 2023, they’ve reached their goal of serving Louisiana and beyond.

The feat left Natalie grateful and full of emotion. She took to Facebook and expressed herself with happy tears, saying, “We just dropped off our first order at our distributor. I know it sounds like, not a big deal, but six years we’ve tried to get to this point. So, I’m so excited for Louisiana to embrace us, and beyond.”

Natalie added, “We’re looking forward to everyone tasting our tequila and our rums, and our vodkas, pickled vodkas. We have it all! Super excited for you guys to try it.”

The Noel’s motto, “resiliency together,” is perfectly suited to their story of endurance.

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