DIRECTV subscribers no longer have access to CW 21.

Contact DIRECTV today at 855-937-9637 and tell DIRECTV to “Bring back my CW 21!”

DIRECTV Customer Service – 855-937-9637


Q: What is happening?
A: DIRECTV subscribers no longer have access to CW 21 station as of midnight CST on July 3, 2019. DIRECTV has/have yet to reach a new distribution agreement to allow the cable television provider the right to continue to air your favorite new stories around the Baton Rouge area.

Q: What other programming could I miss?
A: You no longer have access to your local news, emergency service updates and your favorite shows such as The Flash, Jane the Virgin, iZombie, and Supernatural.

Q: Where will CW 21 programming still be available?
A: No other cable or satellite company is affected; only DIRECTV customers have had their favorite news, comedies, dramas, and sports taken away. Other providers are available including DISH (855-898-6730) and over-the-air with digital antenna.

Q: Are you still negotiating with DIRECTV ?
A: Yes. While the contract has expired, we remain available to reach a mutually agreeable agreement with DIRECTV. We have been negotiating in good faith with DIRECTV, proposing fair and reasonable terms for your local CW 21 station.

Q: What can I do about this situation?
A: You have choices. Call 855-937-9637 and demand they bring back your favorite local news source! You can also contact other local providers – including DISH (855-898-6730) – and switch to make sure you are treated fairly and get the programming you want.

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