BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) Police Chief Rollie Cantu said a man captured on video punching a 72-year-old Walmart employee on Wednesday was issued an OPC (order of protective custody) and taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

30-year-old Kendrick Zenon of Breaux Bridge was casually walking around the Rees Street Walmart in a full black mask, boxer shorts and no shirt when he became combative and allegedly struck the victim in the face, Cantu said.

In the video, Cantu said, after the hit , the victim is seen stumbling and falls to the ground.

He is immediately assisted and brought back to his feet by multiple co-workers and shoppers, Cantu said.

Before his left the store, Cantu said, Zenon then stripped down to his ‘birthday suit’ and allegedly assaulted a second victim, this time a 68-year-old man, before running out of the store.

He was apprehended a short while later, Cantu said.

Following his discharge from the hospital, Cantu said, an arrest warrant will be issued for Zenon who faces charges including battery of the infirm and obscenity.

Both victims were treated at the scene and were not seriously injured, Cantu said.