OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — New video released to KLFY shows the horrific moment a train slammed into a vehicle stalled on the tracks in Opelousas.

The driver, who luckily escaped, is now reliving her experience.

“It just shut power off completely. Nothing would come on. Couldn’t put it in drive, couldn’t put it in reverse or nothing,” Ann Guillory recalls.

The video shows an Opelousas police officer trying to stop the train, but soon has to run away as the sound of the train’s horn gets closer and closer. Seconds later, the train collided with the vehicle.

“Couldn’t do nothing but let the train take its course. The police did try. He tried his best to stop it, but the train was going too fast. They couldn’t stop with all that metal,” Guillory recalled.

She says she and her 48-year-old son escaped the stalled vehicle only 30 seconds before the crash.

“That wasn’t good. That was terrible. At least I lost a vehicle and not my life.”

Guillory says since the collision, rumors have run rampant, and she wants people to know the truth.

“No, I did not do it for insurance money. I did not try to run the train.”

She says her car stalled on the tracks about ten minutes before she even saw the train coming.

While it’s disheartening, she says she remains grateful she and her son walked away with their lives.

“If your car shut down on the train tracks, only thing I can tell you is get out and let that train take it. That’s what I did. It’s not trying to lose your life behind a vehicle. You can always get another vehicle, but you can’t get another life.”