BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – In a presser on Tuesday afternoon, Governor John Bel Edwards has adamantly denied interfering in the Ronald Greene investigation.

Gov. Edwards reiterates that what happened to Ronald Greene was “horrific,” saying no mother should have to go through what Greene’s mother did.

“We have to acknowledge racism when we see it,” said Edwards.

Edwards claims he never did anything to impede an investigation or prevent justice from being served. He said the text was one of many notifications received from state police. He trusted that the state police would handle the situation and does not believe, as governor, in directing police investigations.

“I do not believe the governor, myself, or any governor should ever be involved in directing criminal investigations. That would be entirely inappropriate,” said Edwards.

The governor said he never publicly or privately said that Greene died in a car accident.

He said state police turned its report and videos over to the area district attorney in August 2019 before the DA gave the case to the DOJ in September 2019.

“I just want to tell the people of Louisiana one more time. I have never told anyone, public or private, that Mr. Greene died in a car wreck. Number two, I have never asked, directed, or otherwise caused anybody to alter, delay, change, modify — whatever you want to say — the investigation,” said Edwards in his final comments.