NEW ORLEANS (BRPROUD) — More than 100 Louisiana CVS locations installed new technology Tuesday to reduce pharmacy robberies.

CVS Health said time delay safes function by delaying the time it takes for employees to open the safe. Thomas M. Moriarty, CVS Health chief policy officer and general counsel, said robbery rates dropped 70% after time delay safes were installed in Indianapolis a few years ago.

“Gangs target pharmacies to steal narcotics and other prescription drugs to sell them on the street and online to fund other illicit activities,” said Moriarty at a news conference in New Orleans.

Moriarty said the time delay in safes cannot be overridden and signage will be posted in stores to deter criminals.

“What CVS is doing today is playing their part in being a corporate stakeholder in their community to do two things,” said Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. “Number one, to help eliminate addiction and problems with opioids that we’re having, but also fighting crime.”

Approximately 133 CVS pharmacies in Louisiana will have this technology. Other states in the south that will have this technology include Mississippi and Arkansas.