SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) — Two people were arrested on the North Shore over the weekend after a fight broke out following what police are calling “assault with a sandwich.”

Slidell Police say the brawl stemmed from an incident on Saturday (Oct. 22) when the customer walked up to the unnamed restaurant to order food. Based on accounts from those involved, the incident quickly took a turn for the worst when the employee taking the order reportedly dished out a ‘bad attitude’ to the customer. The customer then returned the favor with a bad attitude of her own.

We’re told things took an even quicker turn for the worse when the employee, nicknamed “the sandwich maker,” brought out the customer’s order with only one problem — it was incorrect. Although detectives aren’t sure whether bringing out the wrong order was intentional, SPD says the unhappy customer pushed the sandwich off the counter and told the employee to correct the order.

The sandwich maker then reportedly picked the sandwich up off the ground and threw it into the customer’s face (police say there were some choice words thrown in as well, but we’ll leave it at that).

At that point, the customer called her sister for reinforcement, who showed up a little later. That’s when detectives say “an all-out brawl” broke out between the sister and employee, prompting a nearby customer to call the police. The two were still fighting when the police arrived.

No names have been released, however, detectives say the sister and the sandwich maker were both taken into custody and charged with simple battery. Everyone involved, including the employee, was banned from the business.