BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — State Attorney General Jeff Landry’s push to withhold funding from New Orleans made its way before the State Bond Commission. It was a heated debate over whether or not the commission should be making a decision like this in the first place. 

“This commission has time and time again been sort of dancing around policy issues that I think are better and more appropriately debated by the legislature,” said Executive Counsel Matthew Block.

In a letter submitted to State Treasurer John Schroder, Landry said a parish or municipality should not benefit from hard-working taxpayers, this after the New Orleans City leaders stated they would not comply with Louisiana’s abortion trigger laws. Schroder who is also pro-life, however, disagrees with Landry’s request. 

“Are we here to send a message or are we here to really affect some policy? I’m just warning everybody this is a bad bad road to get on,” said Schroder.  

Others argued the move is a political showdown that would deny funds to the New Orleans Sewage and Water Board ahead of hurricane season. 

“This one project is going to be the scapegoat that’s going to be held hostage in order to satisfy everybody that they’ve made a politically correct vote,” said Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne.

While Landry was not in attendance to argue his own request, his staff said the city of New Orleans is in violation of the constitution despite a recent court ruling that keeps abortion access alive. 

“There’s not many tools here to say New Orleans you better abide by the law I mean withholding funding is the mechanism,” said Emily Andrews.  

After much back and forth, the commission voted to defer the New Orleans Sewer and Water Board Project. 

“We all took the same oath. We don’t have the opportunities to pick and choose what laws we follow,” said Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin.

Attorney General Jeff Landry sent a statement following the deferment:

“Today, our Bond Commission forced elected officials in New Orleans to decide if they will enforce State law. The same folks who have turned the Crescent City into America’s murder capital by refusing to prosecute violent crime must now choose whether they prioritize playing partisan politics over granting basic amenities for their constituents. I hope they come before the Bond Commission to explain why New Orleans should continue to receive millions of taxpayer dollars while refusing to comply with the laws enacted by our Legislature as required by our State Constitution.”