WARREN TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – A young boy is recovering from an apparent attack by a wild animal last week in Warren Township, Ohio.

The 4-year-old boy is alright after he was bitten by what’s believed to be a coyote.

The attack happened late morning on May 11 at a property off North Park Avenue.

The child’s grandfather called the dog warden’s office to report what had happened.

Chief dog warden Deidre Brister said the man told them he was going to grab a bike for the child when the animal came out of nowhere.

“He turned his head to unlock the door and that’s when the animal attacked his son or grandson and he said he yelled at it and it let go and took off,” Brister said.

They then set a trap since the man initially thought it was a stray dog, but it returned a few days later.

“He starts describing it to me and he says he also has coyotes around so I told him I think it’s a coyote, that it’s not a stray because he said it had a long nose, kinda mangy looking,” Brister said.

“When it comes to people conflicts, usually, there isn’t that many unless maybe they’re sick or maybe they can’t find food and they’re getting desperate,” said Brian Adkins, with Brian’s Wildlife Control.

Adkins is a licensed wildlife control operator in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. He says coyotes are more visible this time of year since the males are hunting food for themselves, their mates and pups.

He says people, especially pet owners, should keep an eye out.

“You always want to keep an eye on your pets and just don’t let them go out on their own, you know, you just gotta be cautious,” Adkins said.